If you’ve ever wished you could specifically target stubborn areas of body fat and literally melt them away without going under the knife, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans struggle with “problem areas” on their bodies, even after undergoing intense diets and exercise programs. Everyone’s body composition is different, and for some people, that means excess adipose tissue in the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and others parts of the body—even when they’ve reached healthy BMIs.

SculpSure™ Body Contouring is an FDA-approve laser treatment that’s designed to specifically target fat cells and weaken them by raising their temperature to the point that they break down inside the body. After a period of just a few weeks, the damaged fat cells are eliminated from the body completely. Not only does that mean patients see noticeable reductions in body fat, but it also means they’ll be more likely to retain their newly trim physiques in the future.

That’s because fat cells in the body almost never actually “go away,” even in the case of dramatic weight loss. Instead, they shrink to the point that they no longer have a significant effect on a person’s appearance. However, because excess fat cells still exist in their body, they can quickly regain weight and adipose tissue in problem areas if they become less strict with their diets and exercise regimens.

SculpSure™ Is Ideal for Abdomens, Flanks, Thighs, and Even Chins

For the majority of people, body fat tends to accumulate in the torso and legs. And as people age, they also may begin to accumulate fat in the neck and chin area. Those areas are known for being problem areas, as they tend to retain excess fat regardless of calorie intake and activity levels. That can lead to many people becoming dissatisfied with the results they achieve after they become more health-conscious.

At Clarksville Body Sculpting & Aesthetics, we consider SculpSure™ to be the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss and body transformations. A single treatment can reduce body fat cells by 24 percent, with additional treatments further increasing the reduction in adipose tissue. That means dramatic results can be achieved in a very short amount of time. In fact, most patients see significant results within just a few weeks, and they can look forward to even more dramatic results at the three-month mark.

No Downtime, Minimal Discomfort

For years, removing body fat in a targeted manner required a surgical procedure called liposuction. It involves the use of a scalpel and a suction tube to physically remove excess fat from the body. However, the procedure has plenty of drawbacks, including the requirement of anesthesia, scarring, the potential for infection, and even uneven results that cause a disfigured appearance.

SculpSure™ has none of those drawbacks. The procedure can be completed within 25 minutes, which means you can have it performed on your lunch break and be back at work within in the hour. In addition, there’s no pain during the procedure. Instead, patients report only a mild warming and tingling sensation. Finally, aftercare is a breeze, with only mild tenderness and occasional swelling reported, neither of which is significant enough to affect work or exercise schedules.

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